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All levels of Spanish:
FLTEACH listserv archives (searchable): (Joy)
Trabalenguas/Tongue Twisters: (Joy)
Create your own cartoon: (Eddy)
Mapas interactivos: (Eddy)
Colby Grammar Exercises and Activities:
LyricsTraining (watch music videos in TL and type in lyrics!!!):
lots of varied audio activities:
a general website with many uses:
tech resources on a blog:
Spanish Tongue Twisters (Marci)
Oral vocabulary –building drills (Marci)
Shared activities, puzzles, games (Marci)
Panoramic photography (Melissa and Marci)
Spanish lesson plans (Melissa and Marci)
Vocabulary building (Melissa and Marci)
IT activities (free until 12/15/11 username ACTFL, password SCOLA2011) (Melissa and Marci)
User-friendly tools for language learners and teachers of all levels: This is great! (Melissa)
40 iPad apps for language learners: (Melissa)

Lower-level Spanish:
"Materiales" (Spanish Embassy) lesson plans (beginning level): (Joy)

Upper-level Spanish:
"Materiales" (Spanish Embassy) lesson plans (intermediate level): (Joy)
"Materiales" (Spanish Embassy) lesson plans (advanced level): (Joy)
Bullfighting podcast and subtitled TL videos: (Joy)
Fred Jehle's Anthology of Spanish poetry: (Joy)